Watford’s DRUM celebrates its 20th anniversary

A charity which provides day services and support to adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities in south West Herts celebrated its 20th birthday earlier this week.

Malcolm Cracknell, Chair, is a founded member of DRUM and so has been with the charity for 20 years.

DRUM is based at Parkgate Youth & Community Centre, Southwold Road, Watford, WD24 7DP

Mr Cracknell said: “I’ve been at DRUM for nearly 13 years and enjoy my work more than ever.  We have an incredible team here and we are still user-led, so are able to provide a service that our members want and enjoy.  It’s hard work but we are constantly trying to improve the service and are now busy securing our future here at Parkgate Community Centre, which is very exciting for us all.

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