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‘SERIOUSLY VIOLENT’: St Albans man accused of slashing neighbour’s neck in row

 Published on: 31st August 2023   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

A man who was as “drunk as a lord” used a homemade blade to slash the neck of a neighbour from his ear to his throat, a jury heard today (Thursday, August 31).

Neil Frame, 61, of St Albans, caused a 20cm long wound that was deep enough to expose underlying muscle.

The 20-year-old victim underwent seven hours of surgery and needed two blood transfusions, St Albans Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Stefan Weidmann said Frame had got “as drunk as a lord” on the night of Saturday, March 4.

Early on the morning of Sunday, March 5, he went home to Richard Stagg Close in St Albans where, Mr Weidmann said, there was a “seriously violent incident”.

Frame visited his neighbour, to whom he had previously given a loan, asked when he was going to get his money back.

Frame asked the 20-year-old man who answered the door where his mother was and was told: “My mum is out.”

The prosecutor went on: “This did not go down well. Mr Frame said: ‘Who’s having it? – that, the crown say, was an invitation to fight.

“Such was the aggression and fearing for his safety he (the victim) punched Mr Frame. That is something that is totally lawful if you fear attack. He feared for his safety.”

He said Frame ended up on his backside and the 20-year-old shut the door.

But, a little later, at 1.30am, Neil Frame returned to the house and kicked the door forcefully. The man shouted: “Neil go home.”

Fearing he would kick it off his hinges, the 20-year-old opened the door and they ended up scuffling on the lawn.

Mr Weidmann said Frame had armed himself with a homemade knife and a hammer. During the struggle, the neck injury and a hand injury were caused.

Frame denies attempted murder. The jury was told he had pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and possessing a blade.

The prosecutor said Frame had accepted responsibility for the injury, but said it was the prosecution case he was guilty of attempted murder.

He said: “If you go to a man’s house, drunk and aggressive, and are punched lawfully and then go home and get a blade which slices a man from his ear to throat your intention is not to wound. The crown say your intention is to kill.”

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