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PARKING PALAVER: Rickmansworth community activist campaigns against ‘dangerous’ parking

 Published on: 5th October 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

A local community activist is campaigning for authorities to better enforce parking rules on a Rickmansworth road before someone is “seriously injured”.

Town resident Mike Sims has been petitioning both Hertfordshire Constabulary and Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) over the current situation on Moneyhill Parade and outside the Shepherd Primary School, which he describes as “the Wild West” when it comes to adhering to restrictions.

Speaking to RICKYnews, Mike said: “The council does not police the double yellow lines and neither does the police. There were only two penalty charge notices per week on average issued over the last four years.

“The police attend when they are called, such as when, as usual, cars are parked on the double yellows on both sides of Elm Way, and potentially there is a real danger to life and limb to pedestrians.

“The council says to call the police and the police say it is the council’s responsibility. 

“So, what are the police going to do to stop this criminality, and is it the police or the council that will be held accountable when somebody is seriously injured or killed as they try to cross the road? 

“There is no point having a parking consultation in the Mill End area as the current parking regulations are not enforced.”

Mr Sims says he will be speaking to the police commissioner in the hopes of getting something done about the problem, but that other neighbours have become distraught and frustrated at the fact nothing is currently being done.

Three Rivers inspector Alexandra Bruzas said: “Police are aware of issues with parking in this area and continue to work alongside the council in order to alleviate the issues. 

“Our Safer Neighbourhood Team officers conduct regular patrols near school locations and areas that have been highlighted as a cause for concern by local residents using our community voice platform echo. 

Officers will initially seek to engage and educate motorists but will issue tickets if parking is particularly dangerous or if they come across any repeat offenders.”

TRDC has also been contacted for comment.

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1 Comment

  1. Mrs F October 6th, 2022, 8:02 am

    Totally agree – fed up with cars & large vans parking outside Tesco by Tudor Parade shops. It’s very dangerous and many children cross there. Just lazy people who can’t be bothered to spend a few minutes extra to park in the car park. Might help if they did up the area behind the shops so shop staff could park there allowing more room for visitors.

    By Shephards school it’s the same – it just a little exercise to park in William Penn car park & walk the short distance for drop off/pickup – would do them all good! Consideration for the safety of others is just a neighbourly thing to do!

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