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Keeping your £’s local

 Published on: 15th April 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

One of the best parts of my job is giving young people a chance to develop their careers in the highly competitive World of journalism.

Last month we had a lovely young girl in for a week’s work experience. I was delighted when at the end of her time with us she told us our office was the most vibrant, friendly and happy place she had worked at.

Bear in mind she told us she had been on placements with national glossy magazines, regional news rooms and other bigger publications.

I’ve said before that having a happy, motivated workforce who feel valued is what helps us keep producing great magazines.

I was talking with a local shop owner last week who was shocked at just how ‘local’ the My News magazines are.

This chap thought we were part of a national syndicate owned by a faceless PLC with shareholders spread far and wide.

He couldn’t have been further off the mark. We are family owned, based in Hertfordshire and our business has developed by providing a platform for other local businesses.

When you spend locally you support your community.

When you spend locally you support your community.

I’m genuinely delighted every time I get feedback from a local advertiser saying they have really benefitted from being in the magazines.

I’m a huge believer in keeping the pound local and using local businesses rather than chain stores and internet discount sites.

Most local businesses are family owned and by supporting them we support the communities that we live, work and study in.

I feel part of the success of our magazines has been due to this movement towards shopping locally and it’s something I regularly do myself.

So keep your pound local and make your community stronger.

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