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Broadening our VISION – Y Viva Espana

 Published on: 20th April 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

As many of you know we’ve successfully launched our VISION franchise magazine.

The final couple of weeks have been about putting the final touches in place to our support packages and raising awareness in the trade press.

I remember being at a conference a couple of years ago when the speaker said the most common mistake businesses make is thinking too small – not too big.

Even Sir Richard Branson has said that if you have a good business idea that works amplify it – get it out there to more people and watch it fly (in his case with Virgin Airlines we’re talking literally).

I agree. I know VISION will work in the UK and I’ve often thought it will work in any English speaking community especially ex-pats. They are keen to know what’s happening back home in Blighty.

So when I was approached by an English gent living in Tenerife interested in finding out more about a VISION franchise I was excited.

I feel there’s a great opportunity for both of us and he seems as serious as we are about making it a success over there.

Some of our VISION team are going there at the end of this month to meet him for a few days and go through the systems, techniques and processes that we use at VISION.

I feel the Canary Islands could be a superb market for franchisees to do well in.

As I see this international market for VISION could be fruitful I’m also going there to research good Spanish printers. We’ll be looking at distribution as that’s another key part of the franchise, as well as design values and sticking to the process we know works.

The quality of the magazine’s content is guaranteed. We have excellent reporters and designers who are experts at what they do.  Our systems are tried and tested as shown by the success of My News. VisionHemel FB Cover Image

But all that hard work and nous stands for little if the quality of print isn’t good or sales systems and design styles aren’t followed

It’s a part of our big plans to protect the brand’s identity and credibility.

Closer to home our VISION Hemel has just published its third issue with VISION Stanmore/Edgware  out  in May and  VISION Brentwood launching in June.

It’s exciting times and we’re continuing to think big!

So hasta luego and thanks for reading.




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