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Back to School – Again

 Published on: 3rd September 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

So the kids are heading back to school this week.

As I’ve said before in this blog I’m a big fan of training and learning and development for myself and our team.

It’s ironic that I’m so enthusiastic now as I had no real interest at school and signed up for the Royal Air Force as soon as I legally could.

I think the difference between my old school days and my approach now is motivation.

The possibility of learning something new which will propel our business forward is a great motivator.

I’ve recently invested a four figure sum in a training package for myself and my staff. Someone queried whether I had the time to do these courses. The truth is I don’t but I make the time. back to school

The company which run the courses are called the Entrepreneurs’ Circle and are based up in Birmingham. Over the past twelve months I’ve spent so much time in the Midlands attending courses, workshops and educational events that I’m surprised I haven’t developed a Brummie accent.

Maybe the educational system needs to look more at motivating kids to enjoy learning. A friend of mine has a ten year-old son who is obsessed with football.

His parents have cleverly used that passion as a way of encouraging him to learn and read more. They’ve made sure he has access to football books so he can read about his favourite players. The young lad has learned more about geography through discovering where the Champions Leagues clubs play than he would being force fed the information in a classroom.

His maths is improving because he wants to understand football statistics.

I’ve noticed with my own team (I’m talking about My News not Everton) that whenever they go on training course they come back more enthusiastic and nine times out of ten more confident in their roles.

This all helps our business run in a better, more productive way so it’s not really cost it’s an investment and great for motivation.

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