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Football Takes a Blattering

 Published on: 5th June 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

Aside from my family my biggest love is football. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a fan of what the Brazilian legend Pele dubbed ‘The Beautiful Game’.

However, at the time of writing FIFA, the governing body of World football, is doing all it can it drag the game’s image through the mud.

Arrests, FBI investigations and years of rumours about corrupt officials leaves FIFA facing a Tsunami of bad publicity from an avenging sea filled with stuffed brown envelopes. It seems the corrupted chickens are coming home to roost.

If the bureaucratic clowns who run the organisation have their greedy way Pele’s description will be re-labelled ‘The ridiculous farce’.

Almost beyond belief is that Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s president, has said he knew nothing about any wrong doings and only said he’d stepped down after enormous pressure from the World’s media and football fans.

Sepp’s excuse before he fell on the sword was he didn’t know what rogue individuals within his organisation were up to.

Even if that is the case ignorance is surely no defence when you are the big boss of the most popular sport on planet Earth. Old Sepp Tank should be reminded of a sign former US President Harry S Truman kept on his White House desk. ‘The Buck Stops Here.’

The difference between the two men was that President Truman had integrity while blind Blatter wouldn’t know what the word means.

Another thing that concerns me is that Mr Blatter’s resignation wasn’t with immediate effect. In the next few months will he be using his remaining time to make sure all the i’s have been dotted, t’s crossed and tracks covered?

It will be very interesting to see what accusations and revelations start surfacing in the next couple of months.

One thing is certain though World football has a chance to get its house finally in order and should seize it by overhauling FIFA from top to bottom.

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