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Are you just cruising along?

 Published on: 13th April 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

At the weekend I went on a two hour boat cruise along the River Thames.

It was fantastic to see the historic sights of our capital city from a totally different, and for me, new perspective.

I’ve lived in or near London for decades. But this was the first time I’d ever gone on a river cruise on the Thames.

I’ve been down the Seine, along Venetian canals and other river based trips in Europe. But never in my adopted home city.

It was while we went past the Houses of Parliament that it dawned on me that for many years of running My News I was cruising. boat cruise

I was happy to be running a stable ship which was doing well but not making the waves I wanted it to.

That changed when I became a member of the Entrepreneur’s Circle in 2014 – a training, networking and education group aimed at helping small businesses grow.

Just like sightseeing from a river rather than a road it made me look at my business from different angles.

By having a fresh look I saw lots of ways to improve the business, selling more advertising space than ever and adding new opportunities for my clients to work with me.

It really paid off.

I know from my experience how easy it is to start cruising in business. I also have learned how beneficial it is to jump off the boat and have a fresh look at what you are doing from different perspectives and angles.

Just look at your existing database of clients. If you have done work for them in the past and they were happy then why wouldn’t they be interested in hearing about a new service or special offer you are thinking of doing?

The relationship is already established, the door already open.

So if you’re wanting to improve your business I’d recommend not just getting on your bike but also jumping on a boat.

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