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Going through THE WALL

 Published on: 23rd July 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

I’ve just about recovered from a gruelling workout on Monday which left my legs like jelly and my body aching.

Twice a week I go to an outdoor fitness group called Man Alive. It’s great fun, brilliantly organised and bloody hard work.

Monday’s session saw the coach Craig O’Toole and his team push me and the others in my group to the absolute limit. At one point towards the end of the hour long session I was convinced I’d reached my limit following a sprint with large sand bags as your hand luggage.

The build up to the sand bag sprint had already pushed my boundaries; the actual sprint had run me into a wall where I had to stop. I was done for.

When you hit your wall  keep going.

When you hit your wall keep going.

Or so I thought. With some cajoling and commanding from the Commandants, sorry I mean coaches, I found some energy from somewhere and finished off the last exercise of the session which was a 100 metre crab run (going sideways on all fours.)

By the end of it I was totally shattered but felt fantastic as I’d genuinely pushed myself harder than I thought possible.

I got home and caught up with the highlights from the Tour de France. That’s an event where the riders push themselves through the pain wall every day they’re in the saddle.

There’s a parallel with pushing through physical and business pain.

Not every idea we’ve had has worked, some failed, some succeeded but one thing the team at My News has is endurance and the desire to improve.

It’s something I look for in all of the team, that willingness to get out of their comfort zone and become better at what they do.

We’re currently working on a new project and new magazine areas at the moment and it is a lot of hard, relentless work.

But I’m reminded by what happened on Monday evening that the old saying ‘hard work didn’t kill anyone’ is totally true.

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