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Forget the Anglo-Scottish rivalry and celebrate Murray’s win

 Published on: 10th July 2013   |   By: Nik Allen

andy murraySome people are just miserable aren’t they? Andy Murray wins Wimbledon – the first British man to do so in 77 years – and the trolls and Scot-haters come out in force.

Murray had barely got his hands on the historic trophy before people started sniping and stoking the Anglo-Scottish rivalry.

Murray’s straight-sets win over Novak Djokovic should have united Britain (thankfully most of us did celebrate this worthy victory). But there are some who are never happy.

They are too narrow-minded to give Murray credit when it is due, just because he is Scottish. I find this attitude baffling and infuriating.

How can any sane Brit say they would rather see a Croatian or a Swiss or a Spaniard beat a Scot?

I appreciate the patriotism of the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh – I am a proud Welshman myself.

But I also adore Great Britain and respect that, in times of conflict, when we go into battle the Scots and the English fight side by side.

I acknowledge there have always been tensions and am not ignoring history. But so much unites the English, Scots, Irish and Welsh. I cannot understand how someone can overlook the common ground that we share and opt instead to highlight the divisions. But then again I am an optimist, whereas some will always find reason to criticise, usually from the safety of their sofa while hiding behind a pseudonym on Twitter or Facebook.

They don’t even have the guts to put their own name to their opinions and hide behind an alias. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

Well as a proud Brit and a proud Welshman (yes you can be both), let me congratulate Murray on his victory. I can’t wait to see him defend his title next year.


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