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Keep on Going – Especially when it’s tough

 Published on: 16th November 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success before they gave up.” Thomas A Edison.

I attended a franchise show last week up in Glasgow.

We were there promoting our VISION franchise magazine opportunity.

It was a two day show and the first day was dire, dreadful and downright depressing.

The only people milling about were time wasters with one simple goal – get as many freebies as possible!

Everything seemed against us. Our stand’s location, the quality of the visitors, you name it.

We’d invested a lot of money in being there. Not to mention the time and effort arranging everything and getting prepared.

The interest levels at the show were almost zero and I almost decided to call it quits and head back home after day one.

But I didn’t. We dusted off our disappointment and went at it again the following day.

And Hey Presto – we had 16 solid enquiries for a franchise and four very strong ones.

A complete turnaround and made our appearance at the show very worthwhile.

It made the memory of the first day fade away but did get me thinking about when I started the My News magazines.

Those first months were a slog. Overcoming objections from reluctant advertisers, dealing with refusals and the constant battle to stay motivated in the face of an uphill struggle.

I kept going because I believed that the magazines would eventually really take off.

And just like our appearance at the shows by not giving up we grew the business to what it is today.


Our VISION Stand in Glasgow

I remember hearing a great sales speaker who said you should aim for 20 ‘no’s a day if you are working in sales. The logic was the more no’s you got the closer you were to a sale and to success. He was spot on. Perseverance often beats talent.

We can all look back at things and think ‘I should’ve kept going’ or ‘I quit too soon’.

But nothing is stopping us the next time those doubts creep in from saying ‘just keep going, dig a little deeper.’

I also believe in the VISION franchise 100 per cent as it helps people lead the kind of lives they want to and be their own boss and manage their own time.

And that belief kept me going and still does.

Thanks for reading,



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