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How to Get Rich …………According to a multi, multi-millionaire

 Published on: 12th January 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

I love audio books. Give me them over normal printed ones anyday.

They’re just a lot easier. Pop in your earphones or plug into your car audio and away you go. Simple.

To start this year I listened to How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis.

Now you might not have heard of Felix. Over the course of his business career he amassed millions of pounds from a magazine publishing empire. (Now you can see why I was initially interested.)

He lived a colourful life. Starting off with nothing and by using razor sharp entrepreneurial skills allied to a relentless work ethic he ended up one of the UK’s wealthiest self-made business people.

Felix died in June 2014. But thankfully for us budding entrepreneurs he wrote How to Get Rich before he passed away – it’s his manual of how to do it.

The book is funny, frank and doesn’t side step any issue. Felix tells stories from his career to illustrate and highlight the points he is making. He’s been there and done it.

He admits his faults and failures just as much as showing off his successes. He confesses to spending millions on call girls, cocaine and champagne.

But it’s by no means a biographical account – this book is written to help people who want more money to get more money.

The topics covered include negotiation, ownership, delegating, raising finance and much more.

It really is one of the best ‘business’ books I’ve read / listened to.

His honesty and humour is what makes it stand out among a very competitive market place.

He starts it all with a chapter called Reasons Not to Get Rich where he outlines all the pitfalls, sacrifices and stress that accompanies building up a huge, profitable company.

His stated aim is to put people off to see if it is what they really want.

It’s written in everyday language and I’d say it’s essential reading for anyone in business or thinking about setting up a business.

It might not make you rich but it sure as hell won’t make you poor by investing the time to read or in my case listen to it.

Thank you Felix and rest in peace old chap.



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