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  Doing it Regularly Makes it a Better Relationship

 Published on: 5th January 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

What do Chesney Hawkes, Joe Dolce and Althea and Donna have in common?

Those of you who are old enough will probably remember they were all a big deal in the 70s and 80s.

I suppose I should rephrase that. They were the talk of the town for about, well let’s be honest five minutes. Classic one hit wonders. Here today gone tomorrow.

This fleeting popularity can raise its head in business. You buy from a company. They do a great job. You love them for a month. Then the love fades due to absence making the heart less fonder. You eventually forget about them.

A friend of mine is moving home soon and I urged him to take out regular monthly plumbing and electric cover on his new property.

We have it in our home in Brighton and it’s proved invaluable for convenience, cost and peace of mind.

I pay the company monthly meaning we have an ongoing relationship. Knowing that any potential problems are covered is great and helps us budget.

It also gives the company I use a regular chance to market their wares to us. They are regularly in my thoughts hence the referral I gave.

I’m surprised more businesses do not implement some kind of monthly subscription aspect to their business. For example gardeners could spread the cost of mowing a lawn over 12 months if the client agreed to sign up for a year.

This kind of thing takes it from being a one off purchase to a regular, stable relationship.

At My News we’ve offered a monthly subscription for customers advertising in our Pink Pages Directory since we started back in 2006. This helps our customers spread their costs and budget accordingly.

It also helps us avoid our transaction with them being just a ‘One and Only’.

I have to end this first blog of 2015 by wishing you all a happy New Year. (Just when is it ok to meet or speak to someone in January and not say HNY?).

Thanks for reading.



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