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You’re Hired

 Published on: 26th February 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

As part of our expansion into new areas including Edgware, Mill Hill and Ickenham this year, we’ve been looking to add to our team.

The need for another journalist was the first on my to do list as new magazines bring new pressure to our hard working team.

So I put the usual advert out on a popular reporter recruitment website and waited.

Whenever we advertise a role within My News it’s always well responded to and that was the case this time.

We went through the stack of CV’s but only two really stood out. (We even received an application from Malaysia – that’s a hell of a commute!).

The interviews were last Wednesday and both applicants were excellent. Polished, professional and both had what I look for most in members of my team, drive and a sense of humour.

Without drive you’ll never get anything done. And even if you do it won’t be done to the best of your ability. These guys had it.

They also showed a good sense of humour which is essential for us. News offices can be stressful places as deadlines loom. That’s why I’m always drawn to people who seem light hearted. A well timed joke or comment can lighten everyone’s mood and help get the job done brilliantly.

It was a tough choice. Perhaps the toughest I’ve had to make over the years of hiring at My News.

If I could have I would have probably offered a job to both of them.

Their attributes and experience are exactly what we look for.

Fitting into the existing team dynamic is the key. I could be approached by a world famous, award winning reporter with decades of experience BUT if he or she didn’t seem to fit in with the culture of our office I would politely turn them down.

I’m really interested to know what other business owners look for when hiring staff. I’m also keen to learn more about what employees look for in an employer and workplace?

I’d love to hear your views at

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