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MPs RESPOND: Hertfordshire MPs release statements on Dominic Cummings controversy 

 Published on: 27th May 2020   |   By: Geraint Roberts   |   Category: Uncategorized

Watford MP Dean Russell and South West Hertfordshire MP Gagan Mohindra have said they will pass on their constituents’ concerns to the Prime Minister regarding the controversy over his chief advisor, Dominic Cummings.

Mr Cummings travelled to Durham back in March with his wife and child to self-isolate, despite the government’s guidelines urging everyone to stay at home.

The chief advisor denies breaking any rules and says he was acting in the best interests of his family.

Gagan Mohindra MP received over 700 emails from constituents in South West Herts but admits that he thinks Mr Cummings acted in the best interests of his family, whilst following the Deputy Chief Medical Officer’s guidance.

In a statement, Mr Mohindra MP said: “It is clear that some allegations made against Mr Cummings were false and he acted in the best interest of his family, in line with the Deputy Chief Medical Officer’s guidance.

“I understand that when people are faced with tough decisions, we may not always reason and act rationally, particularly when a child’s well-being is involved.

“However, I believe it is important for my constituents’ concerns to be heard and for appropriate action to be taken if it is believed that a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister has not followed the Government guidance.

“This guidance is central to the Government’s messaging to stay at home and save lives. How can I, as your elected Member of Parliament, continue to advise you to follow the guidelines if they are not being followed in No.10.

“This is why I will be making a summary of all concerns in my inbox to pass over to No.10. Whether Mr Cummings should remain in his position is not a decision to be made by me, but our Prime Minister.”

Dean Russell MP also says he will be passing on his constituents’ feedback to senior party officials.

He said: “I understand the strength of feeling regarding Mr Cummings and I am glad he has spoken to clarify the situation.

“Local residents can rest assured I am relaying all feedback I am receiving to ministers and senior party officials in strong terms. I want to assure all Watford residents that as their Member of Parliament I have personally followed the guidance throughout and have only left home within the rules and to volunteer locally.

“I know people across Watford have really come together throughout this crisis and I thank you all. 

My job is to get results for Watford and this weekend my focus has been on the announcement of the funding for the Abbey Flyer review this weekend which is a great win for commuters.”

Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden CBE, who is also the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, strongly defended Mr Cummings in a tweet, which is all he has said on the matter.

Many Hertsmere Labour councillors have accused Mr Dowden MP CBE of “defending the indefensible”.

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