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INSPIRING EFFORTS: Bushey girl runs a marathon a week for Watford General Hospital’s Starfish Ward

 Published on: 18th May 2020   |   By: Geraint Roberts   |   Category: Uncategorized

A 14-year-old from Bushey has gone above and beyond to show her support to the Starfish Ward at Watford General Hospital by raising more than £500 as she runs a marathon every week.

Charlotte Davis was hospitalised back in January for having a bowel problem and now wants to give something back to them, after her mother described the staff at the ward as “phenomenal”.

After she completes her daily home schooling, Charlotte runs around four miles a day, 28 a week, which is more than the length of a marathon and hopes she can raise over £1,000 for the ward.

Speaking to BusheyNews, Charlotte’s mother, Emma, said: “The time she spent at the hospital was horrific and scary, but the staff at the Starfish Ward were phenomenal. There are so many inspiring people there.

“She’s doing the running in order to keep fit and get out of the house, but also to give something back to them when they’ll need it the most. Charlotte thought it would be great to raise £1,000 so that’s her target, and she says she won’t stop doing it until she reaches that goal.”

Charlotte is an aspiring musician and aspires to be an opera singer. She is also a keen sports woman and lockdown has made her want to help others.

She has been playing music and singing every week with the neighbours in Bushey and has made rainbow bands to sell in aid of her cause to get to her goal.

Charlotte added: “Inspired by my former headteacher Mr Evans running the London marathon I wanted to do something out of the ordinary in these extraordinary times we are all in.

I love to keep fit and play a multitude of sports and running seemed like a perfect way to get my daily exercise in during lockdown, I started adding up the mileage back in March and realised that I was running over the distance of a London marathon over the course of the week.”

“I decided to run for a smaller and less funded part of the NHS which is the Starfish Ward in Watford General as I had to stay there earlier this year and the staff were amazing.

 “I realised just how important the little things were while I was there the hospital has great need for tea and coffee cups and milk on a daily basis for the parents who have to stay because their children are unwell they rely on donations.

“I wanted to make them happy as they made me feel like a superstar when I had to stay in hospital and I will never forget it.”

To donate to Charlotte’s cause, head to

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