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GHOST STORIES: Chorleywood’s spooky tales

 Published on: 31st October 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

As the holiday of Halloween comes and goes, ChorleywoodNews thought it would keeping in with the season to explore some of the strange phenomena and hauntings that have been recorded in the village of Chorleywood, which seemingly has been no stranger to the supernatural…

One peculiar sighting took place on the section of the M25 near to the village, between Junctions 18 and 19, on January 29, 2009. A woman driving along the road named Karen Thomas claimed that she had spotted an incredibly large black cat on the edge of a field, described as ten times larger than a dog.

Despite this eyewitnesses account, there have been no reoccurring sightings of any creature matching this description, so for now at least, the ‘Beast of Chorleywood” remains the stuff of legend.

Another incident happened on the same stretch of road a year later, when a mother and daughter reported seeing a headless horse roaming a field next to the motorway.

A truly unusual occurrence was reported in July of 2018 by a man who was out walking his dogs in the woods at the top of the Berry Lane area. He said that a powerful noise could be heard emanating from all around, silencing birds and travelling around in circles.

The dogwalker added that his pet, who was usually an outgoing and explorative dog, stayed incredibly close to him throughout the walk, only returning to his normal self once they had left the area where the noise could be heard.

On Chenies Hill, at around 11:30pm on December 31, 2014, a man driving in his car spotted something spectral in his rear-view mirror. A human shape could be seen in the reflection. Upon looking back, the car’s occupant watched as the shape disappeared, blending into the shadows.

And then, no less that two hours later, in the early hours of January 1, 2015, two witnesses were part of a truly haunting experience on the Chorleywood Common.

Two revellers, celebrating the ringing in of the New Year, were confused when they saw the shadowy of a figure in a long coat walking along the grassland.

The frightening thing about this man, was that he kept disappearing, and reappearing, but several places ahead from where he had originally been, and further away than any ordinary person should have been able to travel in that time.

One of the revellers, perhaps emboldened by alcohol, decided to run up to the figure, shouting: “Happy New Year!” But when he came to where the man had been, the spirit had vanished, seemingly into thin air…

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