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DATA REVEALED: Statistics suggest Croxley Green is one of the ‘healthiest’ places to live in the area

 Published on: 23rd November 2020   |   By: Holly Bullen   |   Category: Uncategorized

Croxley Green is ranked as one of the ‘healthiest’ places to live in the area, according to statistics from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CRDC).

These statistics cover categories such as access to dentist, pharmacies, green spaces and pubs, as well as taking into consideration factors such as the air quality, ranking them one to 10 with one being the best and ten being the worst.

In access to Healthy Assets & Hazards Croxley Green ranked extremely well in the second percentile making it one of the ‘healthiest’ areas to live in the surrounding area.

This is in comparison to North Watford which was ranked ninth.

When looking at the data more closely, Croxley also performs well in categories such as access to Health Services which it is ranked in the best performing decile.

The same can be said for access to dentists where the village is also placed in the best performing decile.

However, the positive stats start to decline when you consider the access to green spaces in the village. 

When looking at access to passive green spaces, meaning areas such as parks where you can sit down, Croxley Green is ranked in the sixth preforming decile performing at the bottom end of the rankings.

The situation is a little bit better when you consider active green spaces, which includes areas such as playing fields, landing in the fourth performing decile.

However, these positive rankings come crumbling down when you consider the air quality which falls into the seventh best performing decile, just three up from the worst performing.

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