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BAD HABITS: Parking problems in Garston causes anger for residents 

 Published on: 30th July 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

Bad parking habits of some locals in Garston have been the cause of frustration and anger for some residents.

Many have complained on the local Facebook community group about people being inconsiderate when parking, causing problems to people who are disabled or with buggies. 

Some have been also parking in front of people’s driveways, blocking them in as they are not able to leave with their car.

Frequently people in the group have discussed about certain drivers occupying two spaces when parking.

One local talking about the issue said: “Common sense should tell them they only need one space not three. Consideration for others would help.”

Another resident complained about people parking on pavements, saying: “What is it with people who park on the pavement but don’t allow enough space for buggies or wheelchairs to pass through?

“Every day I take my little one out for his daily exercise. I am on a rollercoaster going on and off pavements trying to get through. Personally, with a little child and a family member who is in a wheelchair, I can’t understand why people do this.”

A local resident said pedestrians should always have enough space to use the pavement.

He said: “Pavements are for pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchairs. Vehicles should leave space for pedestrians to use the pavement. 

“When my own son was in a pushchair it was irritating to have to walk in the road because the traffic was parked on the pavement. It is very dangerous. I appreciate it can be difficult to park vehicles but there should always be enough space for pedestrians to use the pavement.”

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