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FAMILY FEAR: Ukrainian family living in Amersham speaks out on Russian invasion (VIDEO)

 Published on: 9th March 2022   |   By: Christina Pantelly   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Ukrainian family in Amersham has shared a horrific account of the Russian invasion and the suffering it caused its victims, and the efforts of individuals in Amersham to provide hope and help.

Natalya Lebedenko, a native of Mariupol, denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin as she speaks on the invasion in Ukraine.

Natalya with her husband, Dmytro, and their two children Bohdan and Mariana, moved to the UK two years ago, and then moved to Amersham six months ago having previously lived in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The young family of four has watched as President Vladimir Putin and his forces destroy their homeland.

Although the fight is causing tremendous suffering, the mother of two has praised the “superheroes” fighting, as well as those in the UK working to bring hope, saying that although the fight is causing enormous pain, the resistance is also giving her great pride.

The family spoke about the towns they love being bombed and years of development being wiped out in a single attack, but there are heroes in the conflict, including their parents, who are still in Kyiv, as well as friends who are helping the Ukrainian army.

Their parents refuse to leave because they are busy helping their community and army in every way the can.

Natalya said: “They are heartbroken, they are not young people and imagine seeing everything they laid their life for being simply destroyed in a moment.”

“We are very lucky to still have a contact with them and it is my biggest concern. I am very afraid to not know what is happening to them, to lose connection and not to have any idea of what your loved ones are doing during the war.”

Dmytro said: “We are very concerned for their safety, but they are not the kind of people to drop everything and run, we are trying hard to convince them to leave the most dangerous places.”

10-year-old Bohdan said: “I am disappointed that people don’t learn from history, from another side, I am very proud of our heroes. I also feel proud how my people fight for their independence, and they give me hope that this world can be a better and kinder place after all.”

The family believe closing the sky will help Ukraine.  “We are begging them to close the sky,” said Natalya. “They are bombing children they are bombing civilians, help us with the aircrafts, help us close the sky.”

Natalya continued “My pretty hometown is being erased by Russians.

“It is such a pain. My close childhood friend is there with her 2 children, and I have no idea what is happening to them now.”

Natalya’s message for Putin is “Russian warship, go f**k yourself.

“He could have been stopped many times before. Russia is a terrorist state. How many people should die for the justice to happen?”

To donate to the National Bank of Ukraine click here.

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