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Stanmore Park councillor stands up for residents over fly-tipping

 Published on: 7th August 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Stanmore councillor stands against Harrow Council after they refused to clear a fly-tip on a private road.

Councillor Marilyn Ashton, who represents the Stanmore Park ward, has fought back against the council who refused to clear up a hazardous fly-tip that left residents of Maytree Lane blocked in.

Speaking to StanmoreNews, she said: “It was an emergency, you wouldn’t have been able to get a fire engine or an ambulance down there, it was seriously bad. 

“I brought it to the council’s attention, to which they simply responded, ‘we don’t do that’. These are peoples lives that were at risk if they needed the emergency services and the council wouldn’t help. 

“I had to then tell the residents the council didn’t want to get rid of it as the road is privately owned, even though roads coming off Maytree Lane are owned by the council. 

“The residents had a whip round and had to fork out £180 to get it removed by a private service, to which I told the council they owe these people money.  

“They shouldn’t have had to pay a private service to do this, the council should of helped, even when I told them they would have paid the council a sum of money they still refused to help, even when money was offered to them. 

“I have been a councillor since 1998 and I have never met something so blindly stupid.

“The council do have a service that will remove things for you at a very pricey sum, so if they can’t afford to use the council service provided, they fly tip, it’s ridiculous.”

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