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Rubbish bags pile up for weeks in Stanmore Park

 Published on: 20th September 2018   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

Stanmore Park residents spent their last weeks of summer piling up hot rubbish bags as bin men failed to empty their bins for almost three weeks.

Bin men seemingly ignored Stanmore Park block Castlereagh House and left their bins full whilst collecting rubbish from the other bins on the street.

The block of flats has four bins that serve 22 households.

The bins were last emptied on Friday August 10 and were then not dealt with again until almost three weeks later on Thursday, August 30.  

Daniel Gleek, a public servant who lives on the block, said: “The problem was complicated by the bank holiday, but no explanation was given as to how or why we were missed out for so long, when at least three other blocks on the development, including one next door, had no problem at all. The fact we could not speak to or correspond with a manager frustrated us and when the council didn’t care by failing to send a truck to collect the forgotten rubbish, denied us someone in authority to speak to and threatened to charge us due to their contactor’s error, we felt hamstringed. Ironically, I used to work for the council, but I don’t believe customers were treated with such contempt back then”.

According to the resident, after just the first week of the rubbish being left, the four bins were full and could not be closed properly. The following week, there were no empty or part-empty bins to place the rubbish in at all.

Daniel added: “Although I had regular contact with the Chief Executive’s office, who promised to do what they could to resolve the issue, it was Councillor Ashton who carried this forward and got action for us.”

The bins and large pile of rubbish bags were finally removed at 4pm on August 30. 

Harrow Council said in a statement: “We are sorry that bins were missed and are looking into this as a matter of urgency to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

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