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ROAD TO RECOVERY: Peregrine falcon found injured in Rickmansworth a year after fledging the nest

 Published on: 23rd June 2023   |   By: Darius Morgan   |   Category: Uncategorized

A peregrine falcon that crash-landed in Rickmansworth has been nursed back to health with the help of the local Pumpkins Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.

Licensed bird-ringer of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Berry Trevis is charged with monitoring the breeding of peregrine falcons in Hertfordshire. Last year, Barry ringed three chicks from the roof of One YMCA, Charter House in Watford, with all three successfully fledging from the nest.

One year later, on the day of the Coronation, a horse rider at Stockers Farm saw a falcon drop out of the sky into a field. The bird, which was unable to take off again, was found to have the same markings as those Barry had given it.

The injured falcon was taken to the nearby Pumpkin’s Wildlife Hospital.

Barry said: “The hospital has the services of a dedicated vet, Ana Lapaz-Mendez, who in her spare time voluntarily gives her energies to treat injured or sick animals and birds. He was found to have severe bruising to his right wing. She immediately noticed that the Peregrine was ringed and contacted the BTO to find out his origins and this led to my contacting her, letting her know where he was from and discussing his future.”

Ana and Barry decided that the falcon should go to The Raptor Foundation for further specialist treatment.

Barry said: “Ana collected him from The Raptor Foundation on Sunday, June 11 and we met at the farm for his release. A number of the dedicated volunteers arrived to see him and witness me releasing him, with him flying off strongly over the farm buildings and disappearing into the distance. We were all delighted that his recovery had been successful and within quite a short time span.

“We very much hope that he has maintained his ‘edge’ for surviving in the wild and if further reports of his whereabouts are discovered these will be publicised.”

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