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NO RUBBISH: Hemel Hempstead resident appeals for help in keeping town litter free

 Published on: 22nd January 2021   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Hemel Hempstead resident is asking  local people to help him keep the town clean from litter.

Spencer Craze has always lived in the town and said it makes him angry to see rubbish being dumped on the road.

He decided to help out by picking up litter every Sunday morning while going out for a walk and is encouraging fellow residents to do the same.

Speaking to HemelNews he said: “I go for a walk with a litter picker and a bag. I walk around the same track and it takes me 45 minutes. In a week that litter builds up, most of it it’s on the road and it’s discarded by cars.

“Most of it is food on the go wrappers, takeaway food, crisps packets, and cans, quite a lot of alcohol tins are also chuffed out of cars too.

“This litter is there and it ends up on pavements and green spaces, it’s pretty horrible. It makes me angry to see all this litter. That’s why I do it, one road I do is the one I drive home everyday and I don’t wanna see it, that’s why I go clean it up.”

Spencer believes the issue can be tackled through education.

He added: “It just has to be education, I read somewhere that most littering is done between 14-34 years old and luckily most of that demographic are good people and don’t litter, but there’s a few who do.”

He is asking residents to help out in keeping the town clean, he mentioned: “What I think is there is more good than bad luckily, because of COVID-19 there are a lot of people walking outside at the moment, what I suggest is that if everybody went out for a walk, took a small bag and picked up a few bits of clean litter instead of walking over it, I think it would help massively. 

“Just because you didn’t put it there is that a reason not to help our town looking nicer? Do you really want to see that on your walk?”

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