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Getting a tip from the Americans about customer service

 Published on: 16th February 2017   |   By: Nik Allen

Last week’s blog about the poor service we received during a meal at a local pub in Kings Langley really got people talking.

I had lots of comments about it on my Facebook page and several people had a shared experience at the place.

A couple called me grumpy.

Now I want to make the point that I’m not a serial moaner. Far from it.

I’m equally quick to praise great customer service on the rare times I receive it in the UK.

We need to face up to some hard facts the UK’s service industries, in particular hospitality, are simply not up too much.

On the flipside of this I was in the USA at a franchising conference a fortnight ago and the staff in the hotels and restaurants over there cannot do enough for you.

Nothing seemed too much trouble. Every request was met with a smile and a no problem attitude.

It all adds to a pleasurable experience and makes you want to return.

While many British service based businesses see customers as chores our cousins across the pond see them as opportunities.

Obviously it’s incentivised by the tips they get from providing good service but I know which model of business I prefer and it sure isn’t our one.

Of course I realise that a lot of the Yankee Doodle smiles might be painted on for anticipated gain but wouldn’t you rather put on politeness and service over genuine apathy and rudeness?

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