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Just do it

 Published on: 23rd April 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

I’ve just cancelled a two day training course up in Birmingham this weekend.

So what’s my excuse? Have I fallen ill with the dreaded man-flu?

Has my wife’s dog devoured my pre-course work?

Or have I won last weekend’s lottery and am jetting off to the sun?

Actually it’s none of the above (although the latter would be nice wouldn’t it?).

The reason is simple.  I’ve been on lots of training days and courses since the turn of the year.  But there comes a point when you have to do something with all that great learning you’ve gathered.

Albert Einstein said: “A great idea is nothing without implementing it and putting it to good use.” So I’ve taken Albie’s advice on board and have started putting things into action.

I’ve launched two email marketing campaigns. One for My News and the other for Lock 67.

We’re also sending out a top secret marketing campaign to estate agents featuring testimonials from people within that industry who have been singing our praises.

We’ve also changed our rate cards to make it simpler to understand and more rewarding for regular advertisers.

The turning point for me came when I was going over three months worth of training notes and I realised there was lot of great ideas that shared one thing. They were just ‘great ideas’ and I hadn’t done diddlysquat with them. Albert was right.

So that’s why I’m currently in the middle of implementation frenzy.

It goes back to that great advertising slogan from Nike which gives this blog its title.

Those clever clogs selling expensive trainers knew that a lot of people were buying all its fancy fitness gear but not doing anything with it. It was collecting dust in their wardrobes.

Nike’s message was don’t sit around, get out there and Just do it. (Then you’ll eventually need more fitness gear from us).

Nik’s message is the same. I think if you’ve learned some new ideas which could propel your business or personal life forward get them out there, don’t over analyse and for god’s sake, Just do it.

Thanks for reading.



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