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When the Saint Comes Marching Out

 Published on: 18th May 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

I’d like to think of myself as one of life’s enthusiasts.

I get excited about new projects, ideas and activities.

At the moment I’m positively buzzing about what will be our 15th title in the group when it launches.

Launching in St Albans has got Nik buzzing with excitement.

Launching in St Albans has got Nik buzzing with excitement.

During the ten years that our magazines have expanded and grown there’s one area we’ve had more repeated requests from to publish in than any other.

That area is St Albans and My St Albans News will launch in September.

It’s a great place and ticks all the boxes for advertisers and readers and it will become our biggest ever publication being delivered to 10,000 homes every month.

We’ve done our research and I’m confident there’s a need for news there that we can service.

Two of our editorial team live there so when I’m expecting scoops and plenty of great news articles (no pressure there then lads).

My Edgware News was delivered for the first time at the weekend and I came into work this morning to find several emails from readers praising the magazine as well as a call from an advertiser who has already had two jobs from it. Great news all round.

I’m very optimistic that our St Albans publications will receive a similar warm welcome.

I wrote in my comments for the next round of magazines that the conclusive election result has left me very confident about the country’s future. I know from personal experience that hard work, taking responsibility for your own actions and taking the odd chance here and there can pay dividends. So I support a lot of what the Prime Minister’s core message is.

Our launching of My St Albans News is testimony to my confidence in the future and of my team’s talent, attitude and desire to keep pushing forward.

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