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What Makes A Star Performer?

 Published on: 14th December 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

So this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year is causing quite a stir thanks mainly to one man and his opinions.

Tyson Fury, the recently crowned heavyweight world champion and one of the twelve sports people nominated has caused controversy with some homophobic, sexist and bizarre comments.

I think it’s a real shame that one man’s outdated and obnoxious views are overshadowing his, and eleven other people’s fantastic achievements this year.

So I’m not going on anymore about him, even though I do believe he’s entitled to his views, and now let’s focus on the others. images

Of the dynamic dozen who will are on the shortlist three stand out for me.

Firstly Chris Froome. To win the Tour de France twice is incredible. As sporting events go the three week endurance race in France tops the lot for athletes pushing themselves to their limits – every day.

Not only that but he handled himself remarkably well given all of the disgusting abuse he was subjected to. Being spat and having urine thrown over you would make most people lose focus on their goal but he didn’t and was a very worthy winner.

Runner up I’d have Andy Murray for the single handed way he hauled Great Britain to their first Davis Cup win since 1936.

It was a team event but the man from Dunblane was 95 per cent of the reason we were victorious.

In third place I’d go for Jessica Ennis Hill. Not only is she a tremendous athlete but as can be said for the vast majority of people on the shortlist she is a great role model and ambassador for the UK.

One thing all of the people shortlisted have in common is they are star performers in their sports.

We all know people who excel in their respective fields whether that’s in business, sports, culture or community.

In my experience these star performers are rare, that’s why they stand out.

During my ten years of running My News I can only think of three star performers who work, or have worked alongside me.

Through the magazine I have been lucky enough to rub shoulders with and get to know some star performers.

Just like the BBC Sports Personality of the Year list they are hard working, hold enormous self belief and have a laser focus on what they want and how they will get it.

Tune into the show on BBC1 on Sunday December 20th to see who wins.

Thanks for reading.




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