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Ice Ice Baby!

 Published on: 19th July 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

At the weekend I visited a friend who lives down on the south coast.

The sun was out and on a sweltering day what could be better than a couple of cold (alcoholic) drinks sitting in the garden as the sea breeze cooled us down?

But we hit on a problem pretty quickly. We soon ran out of ice.

A quick walk to the shop to get a bag solved the icy issue but somewhere on the way back to his house we decided to stop for a beer in a local pub.

But armed with a bag of ice in 25 degree heat we had no option (other than going home but it seemed a waste not to make use of the pub’s lovely beer garden) than to ask the bemused looking bar maid to put our ice in the freezer.Nikice

This ‘popping in’ to the pub turned into a mini pub crawl. Which meant we left a trail of puzzled but polite bar staff kindly agreeing to our request of looking after our ice.

When we left our final port of call a couple of hours later we forgot one very important thing – the ice!!

Now I’ve spoken in the past about the importance of planning.

There was one major flaw in our ice buying plan – the fact we didn’t have one!  We set off to buy the ice without considering all of our options – including the array of pubs on our way.

I’ve seen lots of businesses with no plan, indeed we’ve been guilty of it in the past. It certainly makes life harder when you don’t have an idea where you are headed or where you want to end up.

On the flipside of this – I’ve seen businesses that had solid, sensible and ultimately successful plans laid out in detail and with clear time scales. It’s really no surprise that these companies and individuals reached their goals and achieved their ambitions.

If you want help with your advertising goals and plans feel free to get in touch with me.

And if anyone has a spare bag of ice please let me know as I owe my friend one.

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