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The Not so Shy Tory

 Published on: 11th May 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

The shock results from the General Election proved a very nice surprise for me.

The pollsters got it wrong. Big time. They blamed it on the phenomena of so called Shy Tories.

Basically it’s people who do not admit to voting for the Conservatives.

I’m open about where my political preferences rest and that’s firmly on the blue side of the Houses of Parliament.

So I was delighted with the national results but even more so with the Watford one.

To see Richard Harrington re-elected was brilliant. He turned a three way marginal in 2010 to a 10,000 majority in 2015.

It’s testimony to his hard work, passionate belief in the town and his great integrity. He’s been a fantastic ambassador for Watford and has access to some of the most powerful figures in the country. Which is only good for the town.IMG_9457_zpsdd5c4fe7

When he won the seat in 2010 I remember him telling me the next day that his campaign for 2015 had already began.

Being the editor of MyNews has given me great access to political figures and events. I’ve got to know many local politicians well.

Richard’s predecessor Claire Ward of Labour was a lovely woman and a capable MP.

I met all of the local candidates in the run up to voting day and the vast majority were decent, hard working people who held genuine beliefs in what their respective parties put forward was the right direction for the nation to go in.

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill missed out in her bid to be MP. However, she’s been a marvellous Mayor for Watford over the years and between her and Richard the town’s in very safe hands.

I’m feeling really positive about the next five years both locally and nationally.

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