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It’s ALL about Relationships

 Published on: 19th January 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

If you are in business write down three of your top suppliers.

Then ask yourself if you like them.

Now I’m not suggesting you need to be best buddies but do you trust them? Do you value their opinion and do you feel loyal to them?

I’m guessing you answered yes next to most of their names if you’ve used their products or services for a while.

It’s simple really. Why would you buy from a person or company you don’t actually like unless they were the cheapest by a country mile or they had a monopoly on the product?

See, people like buying from people they like. Relationships

The best sales people I’ve come across tend also to be highly likeable. There are some exceptions but on the whole being a good person who is good at their job is ultimately good for business.

Whenever I employ people I ask myself if I like them. I’ve made some errors of judgements in the past but am getting better at it.

Now if your suppliers are smart they realise that the likeability factor plays a big part in business.

Good suppliers, sales people and account managers realise how important a good relationship is with clients.

They work to maintain the relationship. They remember you at Christmas but equally as important will ring you up in the summer to check that everything is ok, you’re needs are being met and you are happy with their service.

This isn’t a sales call it’s a customer service calls which can often be turned into a sales opportunity when you finish off by asking ‘is there anything else you need while I’m on the phone?’

Over the 11 years we’ve been in business we have built many good relationships, some from the very beginning when we began publishing.

However, as with everything at My News we are always looking to improve.

And that’s why we now have accounts managers to support our sales people.

I’ve encouraged all of my team to make relationship building with clients and suppliers a priority this year.

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