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 Published on: 7th July 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

I was in Birmingham last week for a two day training course.

Sitting there on the first day, listening to the charismatic serial entrepreneur Nigel Botterill share his wealth of knowledge I had a blinding flash of inspiration – a bona fide Eureka moment.

Thankfully for the people of our second city my reaction to that Eureka moment wasn’t as dramatic as the original one which the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes had while soaking in a tub.

A wise Greek called Archimedes - Would he have solved their debt crisis I wonder?

A wise Greek called Archimedes – Would he have solved their debt crisis I wonder?

On suddenly solving a complex maths question he leapt from his bath and ran down the street naked. I must point out that he hadn’t solved the Greek debt crisis as that was centuries before his time.

However, I’m as wildly excited as the butt naked Archimedes about the new idea we are rapidly turning into a fantastic product which will change the face of local and national publishing forever.

I’m 100 per cent confident this idea will become our biggest success yet.

It’s something our readers want, it’s something advertisers will love and it’s something that My News are perfectly placed to deliver in style.

I’ve already ran the idea by some close confidants and the reaction has been positive all round.

It’s still top secret at the moment but watch this space as over the next few weeks all will be revealed.

For me it just goes to prove that getting away from the daily workings of my business occasionally is a really valuable use of time. Would I have had the idea if I was at my desk dealing with 101 different things? I doubt it.

Would Archimedes have cracked the difficult equation if he hadn’t been chilling in the bath rather than slaving over his abacus? Who knows, but one thing I’m certain of is that taking the time out to think about where your business is headed is hugely beneficial and leads to some great new ideas.

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