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Why I’m voting for None of the Above

 Published on: 3rd May 2019   |   By: Nik Allen

On Thursday England takes to the polls for council elections.

I’ll be voting but not for the party I have always done.

I won’t be voting for a party.

Allow me to give you a bit of background.

I have voted Conservative since 1979. 

I think their beliefs in the benefits of hard work and being more supportive of entrepreneurs has always chimed with me.

But that’s all changed, possibly only temporarily but maybe permanently.

Due to the Brexit balls up I will not be voting Conservative again until my faith in democracy has been restored. The countries mandate in June 2016 was to leave. The majority decided.

We’re blessed with a democratic country and headed to the ballot boxes is infinitely better than the ways some other nations sort out their internal differences.

The three main reasons I won’t be voting Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems or anyone else are these: 

1. The majority didn’t vote to have one foot in the EU and one foot out.

2. The majority didn’t vote for MPs to put in caveats into the process. 

3.  And I’m a member of that majority who is sick of having my country ridiculed by those in Brussels.

So that’s my rant over… 

I am angry with politics at the moment. My postal vote has gone back with the words NONE OF THE ABOVE. 

My vote of 2016, which was in the majority, has been disrespected and I know that has nothing to do with local elections, however I have made a statement albeit to myself and I will feel so good writing it on the ballot paper. 

Long live democracy and the will of the people.

Thanks for reading,