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Who will lead the Tories next?

 Published on: 23rd October 2013   |   By: Nik Allen

When Boris Johnson and George Osborne tag-teamed in China recently everyone started speculating on who would lead the Tories next. I’d have to say I can’t see either of them with the job.

Like many people I love a bit of Boris. When I cycled the London to Surrey 100 earlier this year I bumped into the blonde one and had my picture taken with him. Boris was exactly as you would expect – charming, affable and dishevelled. Do I think he is a good London Mayor, yes. Would I want him to run the country? No.

He’s an entertaining one-man show, a true character, but also a loose cannon. I’m sure Boris as PM would be one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but I’m not sure he’s what this country needs.

As for George Osborne, well, I just can’t imagine the public voting for him as PM. Can you?

In recent years I have met a number of Tory politicians and one person who has impressed me is Sajid Javid.

You may not have heard of him – he is currently Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

He is the son of a British-Pakistani bus driver who grew up in a gritty part of Bristol. He went to a state comprehensive and the Exeter University before working his way up to the upper echelons of the banking industry.

He was voted in as an MP in 2010 and was named by The Times as one of the Top 100 Global People to Watch in 2012 (see it’s not just me who thinks he’s a future star).

I recently dined, along with a group of local entrepreneurs, with Sajid at the Houses of Common and he was impressive. I like the fact that he has served in the real world. I think the rise in recent years of the career politician – the type that studies politics at university, gets a job with an MP and then kicks around until they can run for election – is a concern.

I want people who have lived and worked in the real world to run the country. Politics is too elitist as is it. So let’s watch this space and see just how far Sajid can rise through the Tory ranks.


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