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The Power of Doing Things Well

 Published on: 29th January 2015   |   By: Nik Allen


I don’t know about you but I tend to choose businesses that I’ve been referred to by a friend or colleague.

Whether it’s choosing a restaurant, a trades person or a health professional my decision is always swayed by having been given a recommendation from someone I trust.

Recently when we moved office we used a removals company called GTR. They did a fantastic job.

I recommend them to a friend who used them for his house move. He too thought they were great and in turn referred them to one of his customers who are moving offices.

The point I’m making is that doing things well, like GTR did for our company and my friend, has really powerful knock on effects. Doing things well is great for business.

I’m delighted to say that My Ruislip News which launched last week has already proved very popular.

In keeping with this week’s blog we received some great feedback from one of our long term advertisers, Les Conway of Essentially Financial.

Les Conway of Essentially Financial has already benefited from My Ruislip News.

Les Conway of Essentially Financial has already benefited from My Ruislip News.

Les, a financial planner, sent us a lovely email saying he had already had an enquiry from his advert and would recommend us to others.  These are my favourite kind of emails.

Every time we work on a magazine I urge the team to make it better than the last one. I know that if we do things well this will benefit our readers, our advertisers and ultimately us.

To build on our success and to make our magazines better than ever we’ve introduced some new systems within our editorial team.

I’m confident these will result in even better magazines which will benefit everyone.

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