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NHS DELAYS: Garston Resident Runs 5K every day in June to fundraise for private surgery

 Published on: 14th July 2022   |   By: Darius Morgan   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Garston resident plagued with shoulder injuries is raising money for private treatment after NHS delays.

David Aston, a PE teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Bushey, ran five kilometres every day throughout June as a fundraiser to pay for his much-needed surgery. David first dislocated his shoulder through a water sports accident in August 2020. The same shoulder was dislocated twice more within a year of the first injury in gym- and football-related incidents.

The successive injuries have had a major impact on David’s life, both physically and mentally. The damage has rendered David unable to compete in any sports since September 2021, which has been a drastic lifestyle change.

David told Garston News: “This has been very tough on my mental health as I played football three times a week at least before the injuries. I usually watch my team play which I find tough as I’m so desperate to be playing. I also feel a lot more unfit than I used to and it hinders me with my job and coaching.”

Once David had dislocated the shoulder for the fourth time, he knew surgery was a necessity. After a ten month waiting period just to reach a consultant, David’s worst fears were confirmed when he was told that he wouldn’t be able to play sports again until he had the surgery. The wait to be seen was just a glimpse of what awaits David if he continues to use the NHS, as Covid-related delays have caused a lengthy backlog of patients.

“I have been classed as a non-urgent case, despite my job being a PE teacher and it massively hindering me. I was told I’ll be waiting a minimum of another 18 months to two years for surgery and then won’t be seen by a physio in person for at least a month after that.”

Private surgery will cost upwards of £5,000. At the time of writing, David’s month of 5K runs has raised well over £2000.

“The running has been incredibly tough as due to my injury I have done barely any exercise in the past year and a half.”

You can help David by visiting and donating.




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