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CAR CHARGES: Mixed reception to increase in parking prices in Northwood borough

 Published on: 14th July 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

Northwood residents have had a mixed reaction to an increase in charges at car parking spaces, as well as the removal of free 30-minute parking for some areas.

Charges have gone up for both users of the council’s HillingdonFirst card, which provides discounts in various areas of the borough for residents, and non-card users.

Writing on Facebook, Northwood-based business owner said: “Northwood is affected disproportionately due to our reliance on customers from Three Rivers and Harrow. I really can’t understand the move at all and how this is expected to support our High Street.”

Resident Richard Brunt said: “These charges are ridiculous. Since most non-Hillingdon people visit to use the shops and salons we should welcome them not charge them £4 for two hours of parking. This charge directly affects our local businesses.”

Fellow resident Karen Rodway said: “I do not understand why we have to penalise non-residents who want to shop in our local area. Why should you pay 50p if you’re just popping in for a few items?”

A spokesperson for Hillingdon Council said: “We regularly review our fees and charges and these changes to parking charges were released for consultation in December 2021 and agreed in February 2022.

“Residents still get 30 minutes free at most of our car parks and on-street parking sites, and HillingdonFirst cardholders retain their superb discounts.

“While we have increased some charges, we remain cheaper than neighbouring boroughs, so provide great value for money for residents and visitors, while still delivering our key services and investing in transport projects.”

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1 Comment

  1. Pauline Nicol August 4th, 2022, 8:49 pm

    I regularly use the car park at Eastcote and disappointed that the free 30 minutes is no longer available to non residents. It was very useful when just shopping for a few items or popping into the surgery. Also counter productive when Harrow have just brought in 1 hour free parking to support local businesses.

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