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My Kings News goes to Nash Mills School

 Published on: 20th October 2017   |   By: The Newsdesk   |   Category:

My Kings News reporter Nicholas Tunney visited Nash Mills Church of England Primary School last week to give a talk on writing articles. On December 8, Nicholas spoke to Miss Bishop’s Year 6 class about the best way to structure crimes stories, which began with the class being set a task on how to start and structure a crime article in the correct way. The pupils were very keen to get their views across and they all seemed extremely eager to learn about journalism. The children were able to pose questions to Nicholas, and at the end of the talk, Miss Bishop explained that there would be a competition that her class would take part in to get an article into My Kings News. The competition was for each pupil to send in their own version of a crime story to My Kings News and the best one would get published in the January edition. 28 children sent in articles to the editorial team at My News and Nicholas said that he was delighted to see a really high standard of the work sent in. He said: “It was really fun to go back to school and give the kids a talk on what I do for a living and how we structure our articles. “They all seemed really interested in what we do at My News and that showed in the quality of the articles that we received. “To be honest I should be looking nervously over my shoulder as I could well be out of job soon!” The stories were reviewed by news editor Tim Green, who shortlisted Sam Tout’s ‘Cracking joke’ exclaims Humpty; reporter Bronwyn Bidwell, who shortlisted Fin Batchelor’s The Rhyme Times: Traumatised Trio; and sub-editor Louisa Bishop who shortlisted Joshua Palmer’s: A cracking time for Humpty. Chloe Hobson was named the winner. Would your school be interested in having My News in for a visit? Email

Queen of Hearts jam tarts theft!

Yesterday afternoon, there was a theft at the Love Palace. Someone stole the Queen of Hearts jam tarts. The Queen of Hearts made some jam tarts, and then decided to go and play some golf with her friends. Meanwhile, one of her friends crept off and gobbled all the tarts up. When they came back, they were all very worried when they saw the state of the kitchen and the empty tray. The Queen is very angry; ands wants to know who it was. Cook, 53, said that she saw a lady in a long flowery dress and they looked very sneaky. The King of Hearts, 37, said; “I saw a lady with a long brown plait go in, and I heard munching in there too.” The Queen’s best friend Sarah said, “I was devastated when we came back to find an empty tray. I was really grumpy after the Queen beat me, and one of those tarts would have cheered me right up!” PC Plodd said that they are treating the crime as suspicious, and any other witnesses should come forward. If you have any further information contact 00736691 80056 anonymously.  

by Chloe Hobson

 “Cracking yoke “exclaims Humpty

On Wednesday, 10th December, there was an incident that involved Humpty Dumpty being pushed off a wall in Humpty Street at the local park. It all happened when Humpty Dumpty came home from work but stopped for a sandwich at the local subway. He then tried looking for a swing to sit but there were none there, because they recently knocked them down. Humpty decided that he would sit on a wall facing his house, just at the edge of the park. After, he heard footsteps but was too scared to turn around. Unfortunately he did not catch a single sight of the criminal. We caught a red T-Shirt and dark blue jeans on cameras on the road. He said that he felt a hand touching him on the back just before he got pushed off. There was an old lady, 72, that gracefully exclaimed that she saw an old man with a mask covering his face apart from his eyes and mouth. Immediately she drew her curtains. There was a little boy who got woken up by the crack on Humpy’s shell, he said: “I saw a man wearing a red T-Shirt and blue jeans on. Humpty says that it’s all just a cracking yoke. “I mean who would do that” Humpty said angrily. We have proof that he got pushed off, because on the back off his shell he has hand marks, where he got pushed. PC: Plot says that we have handled with an old man wearing a red T-Shirt many times before. If you have any further information please call crime stoppers at 0800 697215. By Sam T


A cracking time for Humpty!


  Yesterday evening at 8:00pm, a man was pushed off a 9 foot high brick wall in south-wonderland.   Mr. H. Dumpty was the poor victim of the crime. He was pushed whilst eating a sandwich, watching the cat play the fiddle and the cow jump over the moon. He had to spend the whole night in A & Egg with a fractured yolk; a broken shell; a pulled ligament in his left toe; and required complete amputation of his right leg after it getting caught on the side of the wall. Doctors say he is lucky to be alive.   This is what some eye-witnesses had to say: “Well I was just passing by, looking for my sheep and I saw Humpty lying there, so I called the eggulance.” said Bo-Peep, 21, a passerby. Jack and Jill said that whilst they were climbing up the hill fetching water, they saw what was described as an ‘unidentified silver object’ (USO) pushing Humpty off the wall. “This type of crime has never been committed before”, said Office Tangerine, last night, “it’s horrible what happened to poor Mr. Humpty, it wasn’t his fault he had to go through all that surgery!”   We are encouraging all witnesses to come forward and call Crimestoppers at 01234 567890   By Joshua Palmer   The Rhyme Times Traumatised Trio! Earlier on today at 11:12am, there was an incident at the local forest in Hemel Hempstead, involving 3 pigs and a wolf. After hearing the current news that a menacing wolf is plotting to murder everyone at the village, three pigs evacuated their homes in the village to build shelters in the forests to hide. The trio started to construct their houses. One was made out of straw, another out of twigs, and the last one made out of bricks. The pigs huddled up in the corner of their houses; they were hoping to not be seen. The third pig of the trio had a cunning plan, however. He knew that the wolf would destroy the others’ houses so he built his house out of highly robust material. The wolf eventually came and completely demolished the straw and twig house, leaving the remaining two pigs devastated. The brick house, however, stayed up… A dog walker came past the scene and informed us about the incident. He said the pigs were scared and did not know where to go, but he also said that 1 pig was very happy because the wolf had actually tried to come down the chimney of the brick house, but the pig put on his fireplace and the wolf got injured. “I cannot believe what I’ve seen. It’s a tragedy.” said the neighbour of the big with the brick house. He called the police, and they sorted the incident out. “The wolf sadly escaped from the scene. We have sent out some detectives to try and locate the wolf.” said one of the policemen. We encourage any further witnesses to come forward. Fin Batchelor, 12th December.

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