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LITTLE SPROUT: Kings Langley resident releases children’s book exploring life with a new puppy

 Published on: 27th July 2021   |   By: Holly Bullen   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Kings Langley resident has released a children’s book focussing on the ups and downs of welcoming a new puppy into the family.

Little Sprout is written by villager Nick Marshall and is based on his family’s own experience of adjusting to a new puppy.

Nick who enjoys writing children’s books orientated around animals explained that the book follows the story of family where one member is sceptical about the puppy at first.

He said: “This particular book was a bit of fun really, its about the notion of bringing a young puppy into a new home and there may be a sceptic in the family.

“The puppy wreaks havoc around the house but eventually the puppy calms down and overall goodness, kindness and loving shines through and he wins everyone over.”

Nick added that the book is based on real experience his family had and will serve as a treasured keepsake for the family to look back on.

He said: “Many of the mischievous things the puppy got up to in the book did actually happen, he did chew his way through four pairs of my wife’s flip flops and chewed my older sons cricket bat.

“Everybody is referenced in it. The objective was really to write something that was a family keepsake and of course if other people buy it and enjoy it that’s a bonus.”

Nick also said he wouldn’t rule out a follow up to tell the story of the family cat who unfortunately doesn’t come off well in Little Sprout.

He said: “One member of the household that doesn’t come out of it very well is the poor cat, the puppy terrorised the poor cat.”

Little Sprout is available to buy here.

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