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‘I WANT JUSTICE’: Victim feels let down by police following attack in Abbots Langley

 Published on: 29th July 2021   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

An Abbots Langley takeaway driver who was assaulted on the High Street in an unprovoked attack is hoping justice will be served after police let his aggressor off with a caution and fine.

The driver, who asked to remain anonymous, stopped his car outside the High Street takeaway where he works on the evening of June 4, which angered a driver passing by.

The 25-year-old victim told ABBOTSnews: “Most drivers park outside like I did, which isn’t right essentially, but the least we generally get is a horn.

“On this occasion, an older gentleman pulled up adjacent to me and started effing and blinding – I just ignored him. Little did I know, he’d then pulled up behind me and got out his car.

“About 20 seconds later, I went to get out of my car and realised he was standing there, blocking my door. My window was open and before I know it, he’s just punching me in the face and I can’t do anything because I’m just sitting in my car.

“He gave me five or six punches. I went to get out and he trapped my hands in the door.

“I was bleeding everywhere and couldn’t do anything. He only stopped because people started coming out of other shops, so he started to run off.”

The victim chased after the man and detained him before the police were called. They promptly arrested him and, eventually, gave the man a caution and a £100 fine.

The victim, who had two black eyes and said his hands are still recovering, couldn’t believe the attacker was let off so lightly.

“He’s got away with it,” he said. “He admitted to the offence, which the police have agreed was ABH (Actual Bodily Harm), yet they haven’t taken it to the Crown Prosecution Service.

“I think it’s because he’s a bit of an older gent with no priors. But if it had been the other way around and I’d done this to him, would I get off with a caution?

“I’ve worked in the village for 10 years and never encountered violence like that. It has left a lasting impact on me and I view Abbots a little differently. I feel so let down by the police here.”

The Independent Office for Police Conduct has agreed to investigate the incident.

Herts Police have been contacted for comment.

Photo credit: HOSS Photography




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