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FEELING NOSTALGIC: More memories of 1950s school life in the Chalfonts

 Published on: 16th January 2024   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

In last month’s CHALFONTS&GERRARDSCROSSnews, we told the tales of Sarah Hogg-Robinson, who related her experiences as a school pupil in the 1960s at the former Gerrards Cross Primary School.

This piece inspired, Chalfont St Peter resident Jennifer Knee to tell her own stories of her time as a schoolgirl between the years of 1953 and 1959 at Chalfont St Peter Infants and Juniors Schools Here are her memories:

“I remember playing in the air raid shelter which was between the top playground and the bottom.  It was very dusty and filled with old desks, but we found it intriguing!

“I disliked the school dinners and rarely ate them – the boys on the dinner table would swoop like vultures on my leftovers!”

“I remember getting hurt in the playground and going to see the headmaster – an elderly gent who was very kind and called me ‘a wounded soldier’.

“I also remember Mrs Bennell – a very kind teacher who held my hand and chatted to me.  Then there was Miss Hodgkins – with grey hair in a low unruly bun. She wore twinsets and wrinkly stockings, and had a short temper, reflected in her slapping pupils on the back and round the ankles.

“Every year there was a school fete in Mrs Geaves’ garden. One year, Miss Parker’s class chose a selection of girls who had to meet in a certain classroom at break to discuss the maypole dance – I was not selected but decided to infiltrate the classroom at break, and therefore was included!

“Looking back, I can see now why I was not included as I had a short concentration span, and typically on the day of the dance I was facing the wrong way round

“Mrs Geaves came up to me, smacked my bottom and turned me round to my chagrin!”

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