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Family fury as cowardly driver flees

 Published on: 6th August 2018   |   By: Jason Allen   |   Category: Uncategorized

Incredibly the driver of this car walked away with just cuts and bruises.

Now police are hunting the reckless driver who flipped Denise Fitzgerald’s vehicle on its head and then drove off with no apparent regard for her wellbeing.

Denise and her husband Paul spoke exclusively to MyAbbotsNews about how a routine trip to Tesco turned into a terrifying incident.

Denise said: “I just had my nails done and needed to go to Tesco at Katherine Place. As I was driving down Tibbs Hill Road, I saw a red car waiting to pull out of Jacketts Field. As I drove, the car clipped my back wheel arch … and I flipped over.”

Denise revealed what she remembered when the car overturned.

She said: “I felt the impact – it was horrible. It was such an instant thing and of course you’re not expecting it. I was upside down screaming for help. I remember a gentleman saying I needed to stay there but I undid myself and crawled out of the window.”

People in the area rushed to help Denise, something she was extremely grateful for.

She commented: “Everybody has just been so lovely. They were bringing chairs and water out and ringing Paul to let him know. I was so embarrassed I just wanted to go home. Abbots is such an amazing community everyone really rallies round. These people were not friends of mine.”

After she was taken to hospital, scans thankfully revealed there was no damage bar some battering and bruising. Denise did reveal however that the episode is something that will stay with her for some time.

She said: I just find it really sad that somebody wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m not trying to make excuses for this person. Its probably an awful thing for them as well. They’re going to go home and think about it but I just can’t understand how they can live with themselves.”

Paul agreed.

He said: “The fact they drove off and left a car in that state is digusting. Luckily she had no serious injuries but whoever did this must be reported to the police.”

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