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Engineering students from Stanmore College reach national finals in Raspberry Pi

 Published on: 5th June 2019   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

Engineering students from Stanmore College reached a national final last month in a Raspberry Pi Competition. 

Students Dev Dhingra, Inayat Rahman Amin and Shamal Punja, also known as DIS@stanmore, finished third at the PA Consulting competition. 

DIS@Stanmore created a fingerprint recognition system to prevent fraudulent travel on London buses. 

Instead of using an oyster card, you simply use your fingerprint as a form of identity thus reducing oyster card fraud. 

The Raspberry Pi-based system scans the individual’s fingerprint. It then determines whether they are allowed or denied access to the bus or train. 

Additionally, it includes a link to an online website where users can top up funds on their account in the same way that oyster cards work.

Dev Dhingra said: “From the beginning we had a lot of developments, getting the code correct and developing the code itself and getting the algorithm to work with the camera and fingerprint sensors and with Raspberry Pi equipment.”

There are a variety of benefits of implementing this system. The product is environmentally friendly as less plastic will be used due to the use of your fingerprint. 

Less fraud will be committed as fingerprints cannot be stolen or used by the wrong person. There is also one less thing to worry about in the morning as you cannot forget your fingerprint.

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