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DO YOU REMEMBER: A deadly accident on the rails by Chorleywood

 Published on: 27th July 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

This historical photo of Chorleywood carries a far more grim tale than usual. It depicts a railway wagon being inspected by engineers after its involvement in a deadly accident 32 years ago.

On May 16, 1990, at around 2am in the morning, a wagon had been detached from a machine and left inadequately secured at Chorleywood station’s platform. This eventually led to the wagon getting away from the station, hurtling towards the direction of London.

Running 1,100 metres downhill, the trailer made its way onto a section of the London Underground that had been taken out of service for engineering works. Sadly, four men who were working on the railways were killed when they were struck by the runaway vehicle.

After an investigation into the incident by the Health and Safety Executive, the following report led to a review into the ways vehicles were secured, with new rules being implemented to prevent a further accident of its kind occurring again.

Do you have any pictures of Chorleywood’s railway history? Or any other photo memories of the area? Feel free to send them to us at and it could feature in the future.

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