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Croxley teenager dangerously let down by Ford 

 Published on: 27th February 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

A teenager who bought a car from Hartwell Ford that was littered with faults has said they “endangered her life” after they failed to service her car properly. 

Tamika Sayers, 19, from Croxley Green, bought her car on finance in September after she was involved in a collision when another vehicle crashed into the back of her car in July last year. 

She said: “I need to be in a safe car to get my confidence back. I told the sales team that and they didn’t acknowledge this.”

In total, Tamika had 11 issues with her car since buying it, but she says Hartwell Ford, on Rickmansworth Road, have been “difficult” in fixing the problems. 

She said: “I had issues with the door speaker three of four times, and they said that I had the bass up too high. I had someone independently listen to it and they said the speaker had separated from the car door. 

“When Ford pulled it out, they damaged the roof lining and tried to accuse me. My dad had to go down there as he used to work at the garage, so that’s how he found out about the door as he knows all the procedures.”

The worst was yet to come. On February 2, Tamika had new front brake pads fitted. When she drove to town the next day, she could hear a “horrendous shaking” sound from the car. After calling the garage, they refused to arrange recovery and told Tamika she needed to drive to the garage. Tamika refused and called AA. 

When the AA inspected the car, they said the wheel nuts were only “hand tight”. 

Tamika said: “The AA said if I carried on driving the wheel could’ve fallen off. It was dangerous. They endangered my life, but they weren’t understanding what I was saying. I’ve lost my trust in them so why do I want to go back again?

“They don’t understand the frustration I’ve had. The general manager said I was attacking him because I was giving him options on what to do and saying certain legal terms. He just didn’t like that I did my research. 

“I’m young and female – that’s mainly the issue as they seem to think they can brush things under the carpet.”

A spokesman for Ford said they wouldn’t comment on individual cases but recommend any complaints or issues are taken up with the customer relationship centre.

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