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Council furious with mobile phone giant plans for Radlett tree

 Published on: 17th July 2018   |   By: Jason Allen   |   Category: Uncategorized

Mobile phone giant EE has been warned that its plans to cut down the iconic tree outside the Radlett Centre will be strongly opposed by Aldenham Parish Council (APC).

Council chairman Vivienne Charrett spoke out after APC were sent a letter from EE saying that APC plans to lop twelve feet off the top of the iconic tree would not be sufficient and that the only practicable solution would be the removal of the tree altogether.

EE say that the tree, thought to be over 100 years old, is interfering with its equipment at the site and having a detrimental effect on their customers’ ability to access the network in the area.

In a letter from the Harlequin Group, who are acting on behalf of EE, solicitor Marcus Curle said EE hopes to reach a consensual agreement with the council for the removal of the tree but add that, if agreement can’t be reached, they will consider applying to the court for an order imposing an agreement on the council.

Cllr Charrett said she was angry and upset to read the letter.

She commented: “This isn’t any old tree that’s easy to replace and grow quickly. It must be 100 years and is so iconic. It’s always in the forefront of any pictures if the centre. If it went, it would be a major loss to the amenity of the village.”

Cllr Charrett said she thought another reason for bad reception is that EE have lost the mast on top of the petrol station but stressed they have been allowed to put one at the back of the Radlett Gardens which is due to be installed later this year

She said: “They must feel they need more signal but there must be another solution. Trees are being cut down all over the place. I understand everybody needs good coverage but this is a special tree. There must be a more sensitive environmentally friendly solution.”

RadlettNews contacted EE for a response.

A spokesman said: “We’d like to apologise for the tone of the letter, and reassure the community that it is absolutely not our intention to force the removal of the tree. We’re working to identify a temporary location for a site that will stop the current service interruption, and we would appreciate the support of the Parish Council to ensure local residents do not have to suffer with poor mobile coverage.”

Picture courtesy of Simon Kane Photography

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