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CONVICTED: Bushey woman found guilty of careless driving in fatal crash

 Published on: 26th June 2024   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

A woman has been convicted of careless driving after a motorbike rider was killed when he crashed into the back of her slow-moving car.

But Samantha Wilson, 27, of Belle Vue Lane, Bushey, was cleared today (Wednesday, June 26) by a jury at St Albans Crown Court of the more serious charge of causing the death of Adam Richardson by careless driving.

The crash happened on the A414 dual carriageway between Hemel Hempstead and Park Street just before 1.15pm in the afternoon on Sunday, September 20, 2020.

A previous jury had been unable to reach a verdict and this week’s case was a retrial.

Judge Lana Wood fined Ms Wilson £375 and gave her three points on her driving licence. She must also pay a victim surcharge of £37.50.

Max Grkinic, who ran to the scene to help, told the jury he heard Ms Wilson say: “Oh my God I have killed him.”

Mr Richardson was lying on the carriageway of the A414 and Ms Wilson’s white Fiat 500 car was on fire.

Mr Grkinic’s wife, Cara, told the jury she was driving their Fiesta and had overtaken the motorbike before moving back into lane one.

She saw two cars ahead in a layby. One of them, a Fiat, moved slowly from the hard shoulder with its hazard lights on and remained moving slowly in lane one of the dual carriageway.

Asked to estimate the speed of the Fiat, she said: “Five or 10 miles per hour. It was very confusing. I wasn’t really sure why.“

She said she screamed and shouted when, in her mirror, she saw the motorbike crash into the back of the Fiat.  They stopped on the hard shoulder and Max ran back to help.

“The Fiat was in flames,” she said.

Mr Richardson, who had been riding within the speed limit at between 60mph and 70mph, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The jury was told Ms Wilson and a passenger had left Chiswell Green Riding School to go to a horse suppliers near Dunstable when a warning light came on.

Her mother, Claire, who was in another car, a Fiat Kubo, stopped. They poured water into the coolant part of the engine. The warning light went off and Ms Wilson said she moved off, accessing lane one of the dual carriageway at 25mph to 30mph with her hazard lights on.

When interviewed by the police two weeks later, on October 7, 2020, Ms Wilson said she had stopped because she was worried about having a mechanical problem.

She said she had checked her mirrors twice before pulling out into lane one. She told the police there was nothing behind her.

A collision expert said she was driving at around 19mph.

Giving evidence, Ms Wilson said: “The accident happened quite quickly. All I know is that the bike was travelling faster than me.

“I was driving at 30mph – I was moving up to gear four.

“When I pulled out, there was safe distance for cars to continue their drive.

“I don’t know why the bike did not see me that day and use the right lane. It was completely free.

“I am a careful driver. I have never even had a knock or a clip.”

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