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BLOCKED ACCESS: Cancer screening unit forced to move from Croxley Green to Watford

 Published on: 7th February 2022   |   By: Lizzie Ellis   |   Category: Uncategorized

An NHS mobile breast screening unit in the village has been forced to relocate to Watford due to a vehicle obstructing the site.

As a result, hundreds of women aged 50-70 who are eligible for important breast screening appointments have been inconvenienced, having to travel further and having their appointments rearranged or delayed.

The mobile unit should have parked in the Community Way Car Park in Croxley Green in January, however, a parked car blocking access meant the service has had relocate to Asda car park in Watford, more than four miles away.

A statement on the NHS Breast Screening Programme website said: “Unfortunately The North London Breast screening service was not able to park the mobile unit on the planned site in Croxley Green due to a vehicle obstructing the site.

“Therefore we have had to transfer appointments to our mobile at Watford Asda site to ensure women have no further delay to their breast screening appointment. Women who have already been invited to book a screening appointment at Croxley will be redirected to Watford for their screen.”

Local residents are frustrated that the unit has been moved as a consequence of just one parked car, which has resulted in major inconvenience for both residents and the NHS.

Resident Kim Allen told CROXLEYNews: “The breast screening unit has been diverted because of a parked car, and apparently no one has the authority to remove it.

“Now hundreds, if not thousands of mature women in Three Rivers are suffering anxiety and frustration along with inconvenience and increased travel costs to get access to a potentially life-saving service.

“Many of these women may have existing health problems and disabilities, may well not drive and may not wish to have a long journey on public transport to ASDA whilst there is a highly contagious virus still circulating.”

Consequently, Kim has not booked her own breast screening appointment despite being invited to do so by the NHS.

She added: “I have no issue with the NHS, they had no choice in the matter. My problem is that The Council, or any other authority involved with moving cars, has not appeared to take the initiative to move the vehicle.

“My request to Three Rivers is to ask them to liaise with the breast screening unit and come to some arrangement to get that unit back to Croxley.”

New Road Doctors Surgery informed residents in a Facebook post: “This is why the screening lorry isn’t currently parked in Community Way:

“Despite giving local residents a 3-day warning that all cars needed to be moved from the site to accommodate the breast screening mobile one car remained parked in the middle of the space. The team liaised with the council but it appears no one had the authority to tow the vehicle away.

One resident who has her screening booked said: “I was given an appointment in the Croxley car park for February 9, and NHS have posted two confirmation letters. I’m assuming a third letter will now have to be sent telling me I have to go elsewhere for this valuable service (all because one car couldn’t be moved).”

Three Rivers District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire Police have been contacted for comment.

For more information about the breast screening service visit


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