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Watford Schoolboy first aider saves classmate

 Published on: 27th February 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

A heroic 10-year-old boy saved a pupil from choking by performing back blows on them.

George Eldridge, a Year 6 student at Parkgate Junior School in Watford, was having fish and chips at school with his classmates, when he saw one of them had some of it lodged in his throat.

Immediately, George ran behind the boy and delivered a number of back blows until the chip stuck in the boy’s throat was dislodged.

George’s mum, Hazel, who teaches first aid at West Herts College, explained in more detail.

She said: “It’s amazing really. George saw that the boy had gone red and quiet, his eyes were watering and he couldn’t talk at all, so he ran straight over and helped him by delivering three or four blows to his back until the chip stuck in his throat came flying out.

“The dinner ladies were at least a couple of minutes away and there weren’t any teachers near that area, so it’s incredibly lucky that George knew what to do.

“I was obviously incredibly proud but I wasn’t shocked, because I’ve taught George and his sister first aid for those situations.

“Since he was five, he’s known very basic first aid, but this was the first time he’s put it into practice.”

Following the event, which happened on Friday, January 25, dinner ladies came and checked the boy who choked was alright before him and George were called to the headteacher’s office to discuss the incident.

George was then given the Headteacher’s Award for his quick-thinking and the dinner ladies gave him two raffle tickets, which was a big deal for George.

His mum added: “He actually didn’t make a huge thing of it at all. He called me after school that day when his grandma picked him up and told me, but he told me in a very matter-of-fact way.

“He said ‘A boy was struggling to breathe so I did some first aid.’

“He’s very black and white – someone needed help so he helped them. It’s that simple in his head.”

Laughing, Hazel added: “He did ask for these videogame points on Fortnite as a reward, which was very cheeky. I gave them to him though.

“We’re so proud of him. He was so calm and cool about it and did exactly what he needed to – it’s an amazing thing.”

Hazel added the incident is a good example of why she believes first aid should be a part of all children’s curriculum.

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