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Virgin customer labels Wi-Fi connection a ‘joke’

 Published on: 11th December 2018   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

Radlett and Shenley residents are frustrated by the constant problems they are having with their Virgin Media Wi-Fi connection; with one resident even labelling it all a ‘‘joke’’.

This comes after a number of users got in contact with MyRadlettNews regarding their complaints.

Andy Gee wishes Radlett residents ‘‘good luck’’ if they are with Virgin.

He said: ‘’My nine-year-old son is lucky enough to receive any connection in his bedroom, or the kitchen, or even the stairs.

He goes on to say: ‘’The Virgin boosters plug in systems don’t work. ‘’Steel Bars’’, which most extensions have, are apparently the Antichrist to Virgin Wi-Fi – the equivalent of garlic to Dracula it seems.’’

Shenley resident, Nicky Patel described it as ‘’very poor’’ and it’s still the same after complaining, and being sent a new one.

Joe Crampton, another Virgin customer, said: ‘’They wanted to charge me £3 a month for a booster. I said ‘You’re having a laugh, it’s your problem that I’m not getting the service, not mine.’ 

‘’I’ve had constant problems with them and there now sending me a new router. It’s a joke.’’ 

Mįchael Brander, who signed up with Virgin Media around two months ago, said: ‘’When it was installed, I got promised seeds of over 100mbps. Within days it dropped to 30mbps. Very disappointed with it.’’

Virgin Media gave the following advice for their Radlett and Shenley customers.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: ‘’Slow Wi-Fi issues are not necessarily related to network problems – they can be caused by many in-home factors such as the positioning of a router, the number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi, the condition/specification of the customers’ equipment, the construction and configuration of the home property and the WiFi channel a router is using.”

Virgin Media have some tips for their Wi-Fi users: 

  1. Make sure your router is placed in the open and off the floor.
  2. Ensure your router has a robust and unique password.
  3. Check the connections on the back of your router to ensure everything is plugged in correctly.
  4. If you have an Ethernet cable, physically plug in a laptop or desktop to your router and see if your service improves.
  5. Switch it off and on again.

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